In the footsteps of the Emperor of Tourism, food tastes good.

Restaurant in Pyhäniemi holiday village in Kihniö. Welcome! 

Welcome to Pyhäniemi

In our restaurant you will enjoy burgers or a tasty lunch. There are 55 renovated log cabins and many activities in Pyhäniemi. 

You will have fun with us! 


(Service by phone, SMS or email only.)
open from 1.6 (03) 444 0206 045 660 3790
(SMS services)
Mon-Thue 9-15, Fri 9-23, Sat 11-23, Sun 11-18 
The kitchen is open every day from 11:00.

The reception is open at other times by email restaurantapyhaniemi@gmail.com.
Only in emergencies Eg getting inside a key, water damage.
General emergencies that require staff to be present. +358504004304
The number cannot answer cottage inquiries!
The opening of the door will be charged € 50 on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm (€ 25) at other times Other times also apply to public holidays. Good holidaymaker!
Please note that when returning the key to the metal key return box, the apartment will automatically be cleaned if there is no message with the key or immediately notified to the reception of further use. Emergency number +358504004304 (If the number does not answer you can send a text message 24/7) Weather in Kihniö.

We reserve the right to make changes to opening hours and programs @ 

Notice of changes in our operations During the coronavirus!
The coronavirus causes concern and grief in many ways. We are investing even more in a high level of hygiene and, in addition, our employees are only healthy at work.
In order for as many people as possible to enjoy the state of emergency despite the pleasure brought by good food, we will have to make the following changes from 23.3 !.
If you are interested in home delivery for food service call (03) 444 0206 weekdays at. Between 12-14.
Let's take care of each other and stay healthy by playing together and following the instructions together! Hygiene is now important, with adequate spacing for visits to public areas and it is important that if you feel sore so stay home, don't infect others by going out. Yes we will find out together! Please note that the reception staff may be caught in other jobs as well, so if for some reason you cannot catch us by phone.

Contact us by email at restaurapyhaniemi@gmail.com, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Now also a text message service 24/7.